Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Inaugural Kwaj-Net Blog Post

Welcome to the Inaugural Kwaj-Net Blog Post!

What is this blog all about?

The Kwaj-Net Blog is a centralized place to discover recent news about Kwajalein, The Marshall Islands, The Northern Mariana Islands and the broader Western Pacific Islands.  The news is pertinent to people living in these areas who wish to keep abreast of happenings (political, environmental, travel, etc.) around them.

What is Kwaj-Net?

Kwaj-Net is all about community, building relationships and sharing information with people that have a common bond.  Kwajalein Island, part of Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands is that bond.  Kwaj-Net is a series of websites and social media properties linked together for the purpose of raising the awareness of Kwajalein, its residents (past, present and future), employment on Kwaj and connecting lost friends.

Kwaj-Net Online Resources:

Kwaj-Net - The original, and perhaps the first, Kwaj dedication website was established in October, 1994. Developed and maintained by Bob Raymond, its intent is two-fold: 1) To tell his personal island story; and 2) Provide information about Kwajalein and provide links to Kwajalein related websites.  Kwaj-Net will be expanding to include pages for videos, recent Kwajalein Jobs Listings, Kwaj-Net Twitter compilations, updates to the Kwajalein Websites List and a few ongoing mystery pages.  The redesign should be launching in Q4 2012.  Please VISIT Kwaj-Net

Kwaj-Net Facebook - Started in March 2012, it is rapidly accumulating fans.  The news and information is predominantly Kwajalein specific, but occasional posts, videos, photos and fan conversations cover various Pacific Island topics.  Please LIKE Kwaj-Net Facebook

Kwaj-Net Twitter - This is THE news source for things happening in ALL of Kwajalein, The Marshall Islands, The Northern Mariana Islands and the broader Western Pacific Islands.  These are Tweets about news and events that are found across the Web: The Blogosphere, The Socialsphere and The Twitterverse.  Please FOLLOW Kwaj-Net Twitter

Kwaj-Net YouTube - You will find an ongoing list of Kwajalein videos that have been found from all over YouTube.  Videos from other sources may be found on the Kwajalein Videos page of the original Kwaj-Net website once the page is launched.  Please SUBSCRIBE to Kwaj-Net YouTube

Let's Get Connected - Please share these sites freely with all of your Kwaj friends and let's grow these communities so we can hear everybody's stories, reconnect with old friends and provide the richest set of information for anybody wanting to find out more about Kwajalein.

Thanks, komol tata and mahalo,

Bob Raymond
a.k.a. Postman Bob (Kwaj Post Office 1991-1993)
Email: kwajnet@gmail.com


  1. Thanks, Briana! Just out of curiosity, how did you hear about us? We just launched a few hours ago! LOL

  2. Thanks Bob:
    I worked on Kwaj for eleven years at the hospital. I am now with Jim Schilling in San Diego. So as of Sept 2011 there are no longer any with that last name.
    I received this from Chuck
    Sandra Steveson retired nurse.

    1. Hey, Sandra! I appreciate the blog comment. I hope that you and Jim doing well in San Diego. Feel free to check out the other Kwaj websites and provide any feedback that might help us improve things. Komol!

  3. This is "awesome" Bob!... :D

  4. I have read some of your post right here and found it fascinating and it makes many sense. Plus i adore your theme right here. Thumbs up! Maintain on sharing!

  5. I cannot tell you how much I thoroughly enjoy discovering all I can about Kwaj & Roi... My husband recently accepted a position with San Juan Construction on Roi-Namur and we are desperate to find employment on Kwaj for me that will allow our family to be together again. Thank you for helping me feel like the distance between us isn't quite so great :)

    1. No problem, Karla! Kwajalein Range Services (KRS) is the primary employer for Kwaj. There are other small contractors, like your hubby's company SJC. However, those smaller contractors tend not to post many publicly available opportunities. If you haven't discovered KRS yet, their website is: https://www.krsjv.com and be sure to check out their Kwajalein Living page here: https://www.krsjv.com/Pages/KwajaleinLife.aspx

      I wish both of you guys the very best in your adventure.

      Best regards,


  6. Hi Bob ,
    Is awesome, you can find not Island on the world, like Kwaj! grate job , hope everithing is going well .

    Truly .

    1. Thanks Magdalena! :) Help spread the word!

  7. Hi Bob, I just checked our blog site WhereIsBrickHouse.com the other day and saw your nice comment. Thanks for setting up this site so others will have more insight and pictures of Kwaj. When are you coming back?

    1. Hey Patrick, thanks for the kind words. Maintaining Kwaj-Net is a lot of fun, albiet a lot of work. It's so satisfying when we provide somebody useful information that leads them to getting a job on Kwaj or when we connect former Kwajers. It really warms the heart.

      Considering that Bob is unemployed right now, Kwaj is definitely a consideration. We keep up with the KRS job boards to see if there's a fit. We shall see! :)


  8. Thanks for the info, Bob! I currently work for one of the KRS partners, Bechtel. And, I am eagerly seeking a job on Kwaj - along with my husband (a 37-year cop). I hear that Alutiiq is no longer staffing police officers... that it's the Dept of Army Civillian personnel now... is that true? Any ideas how we can get his resume into the right hands?

    Thanks ~ Liza

    1. Hey Liza!

      Thanks for dropping a comment on this post. I've been off-island since 1993, so I'm not sure about the situation on Alutiq. Your best bet would be to make this inquiry on Kwaj-Net Facebook. I'll share it to the main page and you can Like the post to receive notifications when responses are made. Kwaj-Netters are GREAT at providing information when I cannot find the answers.

      Kwaj-Net Facebook: http://facebook.com/KwajNet

      BTW, Thank You! I appreciate you Liking Kwaj-Net Facebook. We've built up a great membership so far and it's growing rapidly. Can't tell you how rewarding it is to re-connect people with their old friends, share memories about Kwaj and help educate newcomers and aspiring "Kwajers".